Shelf Life Studies (Accelerated and Real Time)

Shelf life is a product of physical, microbiological and chemical processes, triggered by any one of a multitude of contributing factors. Product characteristics, including the quality and consistency of ingredients, the moisture content and acidity levels, all play a part, as do external factors like storage, transport and packaging materials.Shelf life studies play a critical role in the development of new products. They are not only important for meeting the regulatory requirements of labelling the product with an expiry date, best before date, et cetera but play a much larger role in the product quality life-cycle.

Properly conducted shelf life studies ensure that the product quality will be maintained throughout the product life-cycle and greatly reduces the chances of customer complaints related to quality.

Thus shelf life studies help establish the product as a quality product in the market and greatly strengthen the products brand value.

Relevant Product Category

  • Food products
  • Cosmetic products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Herbal and Ayurvedic products
  • Neutraceutical products
  • Ready to eat foods, Packaged 20000 food products

ITC Labs Capabilities

ITC Labs offers complete facilities for shelf life studies of relevant products for Accelerated and real  time studies.

Finalising the parameters and conditions to be tested in each of the products depending on the nature of products  considering the regulatory requirement for carrying out shelf life study.

Calculating the sample quantity to be put on the shelf life study,. Initial analysis of the product before starting the shelf life study. Sampling  and  analysis  of the product as per the sampling plan.  Compilation of the stability study reports,  Calculation for establishing the shelf life and the final conclusion of the shelf life study.

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