Biological &

ITC Lab offers preclinical & biological testing for toxicological studies, biological products, new formulations and other test items as per regulatory guidelines, GLP etc on various products including Drugs, Agrochemicals, Cosmetics, Ayurvedic and Herbal Formulations at most competitive prices. The lab offers:

  • Biological Assays
  • Efficacy studies for new formulations
  • Toxicological Studies (Acute, Sub acute, Chronic, Intravenous & Paravenous)
  • Pharmacology Studies etc.
ITC Lab offering the biological testing in food products(Sugar,Rice,Milk)
  • Glycemic Index
  • Low GI
  • Gluten Test
  • Genetic Modified Organism (GMO)
  • Hormone test in skimmed milk
  • Seed Germination test
  • In vitro Protein digestability
  • Amylose content in food sample
  • Allergen test in food sample
ITC Labs offering testing in Cosmetics Products:-
  • Anti-tyrosinase Activity
  • Total Phenolic content
  • Acute Dermal toxicity
  • Sub acute Dermal toxicity
  • Skin irritation study
  • vitro Skin irritation(OECD 439) virto Skin Corrosion(OECD 431)
    (i)Draize test
  • Challenge preservative test
  • Minimum Inhibitory concentration
  • Melanin content
  • SPF(Sun Protection Factor)
ITC Labs offering testing in Drug Products:-
  • Pyrogen Test
  • Abnormal toxicity
  • Cytotoxicity in rubber plug and plastic materials
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