Our Services in Biological Division are well equipped testing facility in area of food, pharmaceutical, water, environment and toxicological services. Beside this, the laboratory has involved in various biological testing through research innovation. The laboratory has established testing procedures which are involved in various testing parameters of food and pharmaceutical segments.

Serial No Testing parameters
1 Pyrogen test
2 Toxicity
3 Heparin sodium assay
4 Anti-factor Xa
5 Anti-factor ratio
6 Anti-factor XIa
7 Gluten
8 All allergen test (pea nut, Soya allergen )
9 Protein efficiency ratio in milk
10 Glycemix Index in all food product
11 Folic acid, Vitamin B12, 17 β estrodiaol by ELISA
12 All enzyme activity (alpha amylase, bromalin, trypsin, lipase Proteases, Diastase etc.)
13 Antioxidant assay by phosphomolbednium method
14 Complete analysis of Mushroom
15 Plastic Cap analysis
16 GMO testing
17 Amylose content, Amylopectin and Ratio in food product
18 Lipoxygenase activity
19 Water holding and absorption capacity
20 Oil absorption and oil holding capacity
21 Oil frying cycle study complete in cooking oil
22 Cinobuternol, Glyclopeptide and pollen content in honey
23 Histamine analysis in fish and meat products
24 Reservetol analysis
25 Cyanin and anthrocyanin in rice sample
26 Wax analysis
27 Whey Protein Nitrogen Index in milk
28 DACD value in cattle feed
29 Beta Glucan in food product
30 SOD activity in green mehdi
31 Chlorogenic acid analysis in coffee
32 Polypeptide -P  analysis
33 Anthrocyanin Analysis in rice sample
34 Phytoestrol assay in ghee samples

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