Allergens Testing

Food Allergens are proteins in food that create an immune response insensitive individuals. Food allergens can cause a number of reactions, ranging in severity from hives and ITC Labshing to anaphylaxis shock. Food allergies are typically IgE-mediated, which means that the body produces large amounts of antibodies that specifically target the proteins of certain food products. When these antibodies bind to an allergen, they trigger an allergic reaction, which may range from mild symptoms to a life-threatening anaphylactic shock.The food manufacturers can protect those with food allergies by clearly labelling their products with a list of ingredients. Testing for the presence of components ensures food manufacturers that an unlabelled and potentially dangerous ingredient did not make its way unintentionally into a product during manufacture. ITC Labs laboratories working in area of food allergen by ELISA kit protocol

ITC Labs Lab offering the following allergen test

Soya Allergen
Gluten/ Gliadin Allergen
Pea nut Allergen
Milk Allergen

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